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We can’t believe that we’re worthless because of what people have done to us. Jesus wasn’t a victim when He was physically broken carrying His cross to die for us. He was in love with our potential. He was in love with what we would look like when He is inside of us. He saw us and knew what He was doing. There was life before Him. He had joy in His heart because He saw the bigger picture and that is was bigger than the love of His own life.

When we’re hurting inside, it’s because something is taking Jesus’ place. Our eyes are fixed on everything else other than His perfect love. It’s so very possible to follow Him. It’s possible to see and become whole and love like Him. It’s possible to love yourself so much that you’re willing surrender everything and give yourself as a living sacrifice for the sake of others or Jesus would never have become a Man like us.

His grace is sufficient for us. It doesn’t matter how dark it gets. He has overcome. It doesn’t matter what it feels like, He’s greater. Jesus knew His worth and God wants us to be sure of our own value because He lives in us and will never leave us nor forsake us. He will perfect everything that concerns us.


Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean there is a change of heart and mind. Sometimes “I’m sorry” can just simply cover regret. True sorrow is a change of heart and mind with the motive and foundation of the words “I’m sorry” coming from the new person God has made you to be by His grace.

Someone else is happy with less than you have.
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Lord, thank You. Just thank you.
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